Anybody know anything about the 4 inch Young Justice Wave 4 Figures?

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I'm seeing them on Ebay for ridiculous prices. (Artemis = $90)
Have these been released to retail? Or are these from factories or overseas or review copies or whatever?
Thanks for any info!

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I sent an email To Hasbro in regards to the Young Justice line. The customer rep stated the line was not dead As far as I know, and what I read here on the Buzz board, the line is over with. So the Artemis figure most likely wont see the light of day here, unless she is released with matty collector. I am not saying you need to pay $80, however it might be the only way to get her. I might just have to bite the bullet and pay that price too.
As far as I know these figures are the real deal. I know that I was able to get some figures that have never even made it to my toy isles.
The guy who teaches chinese in my high school states that people will go to the factories in China and will purchase loose figures and then sell them on ebay. Both of his parents are both no longer work, so what ever money they saved up, they will go and purchase these loose figures or other items from these factories and sell them on ebay. This also includes electronics. The chinese government does not have a retirement system like we have here in the US. So the older generation relies on their children to help them out, or recently, they people will turn to selling items on ebay or other internet based sites.

I was able to get an JLU Aquagirl and Micron figure via ebay, Then I did see that Matty collector is selling the 3 pack of Micron, Aquagirl, and Static Shock.

However if it was not for ebay, I would have not been able to get as many character in my collection.