Are they making LEGO Ninja Turtles?

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I heard that they were but couldn't find any confirmation on it. Has anybody else heard this? If it's true, that would be so awesome!

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Joined: 2012-01-04

I hope not. I've barely resisted splurging on Star Wars, LotR, and Batman Legos too many times, and I don't think that I could resist TMNT Legos. :b

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Legos would end me if I let them. I snagged all the DC & Marvel sets so far (save Joker's Funhouse and the Spider-man set), and I've been sorely, sorely tempted to get LOTR. It's my step-kid's fault, I swear! He just saw Batman Begins for the first time, and I built the Tumbler for him. TMNT would be too much! He's already into Batman now, Harry Potter and Legos in general I couldn't deal with more of these expensive ingenious bricks made into characters we love...

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The TMNT Mega Blocks sets that they made back in 2004/05 were alright.

I wouldn't mind seeing how Lego would do the mini figs. Given the size of the Lair playset that Playmates is making, if Lego tried to recreate that in a playset, that would be huge.