Need Help Identifying These Action Figures

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Hello all Smile

I just picked up these action figures and I am really stumped as to what they are. I haven't collected in years and I am kind of in the dark about most stuff.

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#5 is Akuma from Street Fighter. I don't recognize that specific figure though.
#7 looks like it is Zartan from The GI Joe Sigma Six line
#8 Is another Street Fighter character, though I don't know which one
#9 is Myrle Stryfe (sp?) from Trigun made by Kaiyodo
#11 is Spike Spiegle from Cowboy Bebop. I don't recognize the specific statue though.
#12 is the display base that came with Gambit in series 4 of Marvel Legends

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2. Darkness from the movie Legend
5. Akuma from Street Fighter
7. Zartan from G.I. Joe (specifically, Sigma Six)
8. Gouken from Street Fighter
9. Meryl from Trigun
11. Spike from Cowboy Bebop
12. The base from Marvel Legends series IV Gambit

The rest, I think, are all characters from the anime Berserk.

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3 and 10 are various forms of Dark Schneider toy from the manga series Bastard.

1, 4, 6, and 13 are from berserk (most are Guts/Gatsu, the guy with the hawk helmet is Griffith).

The Spike Spiegel toy, the Trigun one, and some of the other Japanese ones are from kaiyodo.