every now and then, the press releases are really cryptic

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Like this one... I wonder what they were being sued over?

Then again, after googling a link to BanBao, I can see the issue: http://banbaoworld.com/


LEGO and BanBao Have Ended Their War

VENLO, The Netherlands, September 21, 2012 --

LEGO Group and BanBao have reached a worldwide settlement in their dispute over the products of BanBao.

BanBao will continue to respect the ruling of the Dutch court. The BanBao products will now further show the BanBao logo, the packages are adapted to show a distinctive BanBao design and the product designs differ from LEGO products. BanBao has further developed a new character (ToBees) with a distinctive design that is still compatible.

LEGO Group and BanBao seek a fair competition based on respect for each other's position.

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Lee (not verified)

Granted. But Google "Banbao" and check out the images. Then Google "Lego City boxed" and do the same. Based upon the wording of the release, I'd say the issue was over the package design. Funny stuff. Smile