TRU The Walking Dead Minimates Confusion

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I noticed on, they list Morgan/Zombie (didn't think Morgan was coming out unitl series 2), Glenn/Dale, & Rick/Lori (again, Lori is supposed to come out in series 2). No mention of, Shane. Do you think made a mistake or did DST switch the lineups? Anyone have any insight on this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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The names are screwed up and until they fix it, or put a photo on there, it's hit or miss what you will get. The TRU wave 1 assortment is: Rick/Zombie, Zombie 2-pack, Glen/Zombie(exclusive), Shane/Zombie(exclusive). Lori and Morgan aren't until wave 2, each paired with a zombie. And wave 1 Dale is only in the direct market waves, both in regular and variant versions.