How about that New 52 Darkseid figure?

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Anyone buy it? My comic store wants $80 something for it, but that seems way more reasonable than the $50 they wanted for Arkham City Freeze, or whatever the hell Titan Joker is going for, as this figure is about as tall and heavy as a toddler...

Anyone get it? Is it worth it?

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Lee (not verified)

I was put off by the price, too, but this is the first Darkseid design that I really liked visually, and I either have (or have-pre-ordered) the rest of the figures in this set from BBTS. I was still wondering as late as a week or two ago how badly I wanted this--would it be worth it? Then I actually saw the figure in a local comic shop a few days ago. Wow! Could it have been cheaper? I think so. I don't want to see DC making a habit of figures at this price, but buyer's remorse over this figure? No way! I'm even more excited now that I've seen it. I'll pass on one or two other things to make up for the extra expense. In fact, you make a good point. I DID pass on Arkham Freeze, despite how cool the figure looked. I had pre-ordered him, then found out how little I was getting for the money. Darkseid, even overpriced, feels like more bang for my buck.

Dave2739 (not verified)

I have him. Got him for about $75 at the local shop. I'm a die-hard DCDirect/Collectibles fan so I'm biased, but I really like him. He really is about the size of a (evil) baby. And he's solid, which gives him some nice weight. As with most DCDirect figs, the articulation isn't anything to write home about, but it's not terrible either.

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The price and the Croc syndrome are the two main reasons I passed; finding Croc's arm simply lying beside him one day after not posing him for a long time gives me real pause about getting another big sized figure from DCC (I got the Titan Joker, but had committed to him before Croc lost his arm). The articulation isn't a big thing with me, as I tend to pose Darkseid as stoically watching the battles around him, aloof and unconcerned. I don't see him as a big action guy.