Looking for an Appraisal - Atomic Disintegrator

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I'm looking for an appraisal of a Buck Rogers Atomic Disintegrator Cap Gun, made in the USA by the Hubley Mfg Company in Lancaster, PA, circa 1954. Excellent working condition, no box. TIA.

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What a beauty!

I've always loved this ray gun's design! I think these were actually used as props in some 1950s teen aliens sci fi movie. Like my metal Fanner 50 six shooters from the 60s, these Disintegrators had some HEFT!

I have one in my collection, but it doesn't fire. Sad(

Your best bet may be to review completed ebay auctions for a ballpark idea ($100–$150? They have a repro box for sale, too):

(Those prices for repo grips seem a bit high... http://www.toytent.com/Special/8046.html)

I'm still hoping to find affordable vintage, chromed-out Stratos and/or Smoke Ring ray guns.

I've always wondered why more of these Hubleys aren't faked...er, repo'd? I mean: get a real one...disassemble...make mold...pour in molten pot metal...cool...attach the repo grips above. Sure would be hard to tell the difference. Even non-firing forgeries would be worth some scratch!