I managed to snag one great post-holiday deal at TRU!

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For the most part, my family & I have found this year's post-holiday shopping has been a big let down. A lot of things were marked down the week before Christmas and fairly well picked over even before any would-be clearance sales on Dec. 26. But sometimes....patience pays off.

I knew that Toys 'R' Us was going to have the Peanuts wooden train set (think Brio-style) by Round 2 Toys, but at $29.99, I was a little dissuaded. Just before Christmas, it went on sale for $19.99, and I almost bit. Being to busy getting things ready for the big day, though, the sale got past me. So I checked again on Dec. 26th, and the price...sigh...was back to $29.99. For no good reason other than pure curiosity, I decided to check one more time just before the new year and guess what? It's now $7.50, so for anybody who may be interested...here ya go!


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So many places have allready cleared out the Christmas sections.Only thing I found at Sears was Christmas cards for $2.72. Even all the Peanuts ornimates & tree trimming stuff was gone.
Congrads on scoring a great deal on the train.


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