Days of Future Past Wolverine figure question

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I was thinking about getting a wolverine for my collection, I was hoping a 3 3/4 version would be made but there had not been one made (hoping Hasbro makes a comic book version will be made because there is a new Xmen movie, and hoping that will give way to Future Wolvie figure.

Anyway I found out there is a Diamond Exclusive with fiture wolvie with kitty pryde and a base, and there is a Marvel Legends version. So do these figures have any joint issues? Anyone of these twos have any issues with joints? Which one would you suggest if you could only buy one, or if you have one in your collection. just curious about the buzzer feedback with these two figures


thanks for responding

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I don't have it in front of me, but I only have the DST Marvel Select version. I really like it because it's pretty detailed, and comes with a base that simulates the cover with the poster in the background. It also came with a limited articulation Kitty that you can pose them both to recreate the cover. Wolverine's articulation is okay, not extensive, but enough to look good and have some versatility. I don't have the Marvel Legends version because I remember looking at it in the store and not really liking the look of it, so I passed. I've even passed on it recently at a show for a few dollars.

There's also a minimates version, but it's pretty vanilla being one of their early, early attempts at a variation.