Digital River strikes again!

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So when the Ni No Kuni Limited edition (PS3 game) went back up with limited stock last week, I was excited. Then I saw it was run by Digital River. Still, was able to get an order in, got a confirmation, everything.

A whole lot of orders got cancelled just now, the day after release, because they couldn't manage stock. That namco club store sells like 10 items, and they couldn't handle it. I hope they're really really cheap, because there are always nothing but complaints about them. So now He-man collectors and videogame enthusiasts can share in the pain...

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Any toy collectors posted on any of these gaming sites, referring folks to Google "DR" and "Mattycollector" to see more about this wonderful company's track record?

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They're giving strategy guides to people who were effected. My favorite line is "This situation is truly unfortunate, having come about due to a glitch within our E-commerce provider’s ordering system." Funny how the E-commerce provider and the glitch have the same name.


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