Sideshow has new Hot toys Iron Man 3 up... Mark XLII Armor or Mark 42 armor... is that correct?

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Anyone know why sideshow is using Mark XLII for the classification for the new Iron Man 3 Armor. XLII is = 42.... which makes no sense to me. Is that a typo or what?


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He's apparently been working on armors non stop and there have been several iterations since the Mark VII in Avengers. That's not a typo.

Be warned, however, the only Mark XLII that I know Hot Toys has solicited so far is a glorified statue, not a Movie Masterpiece, even though both are 1/6 scale.

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Perhaps he's simply gained some weight,
and XLII = Extra Large no. 2

Just a thought.

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Without going completely off on a tangent...and it's odd to me that this is my first post on the new forum after 12+ years of regular posting on the old Buzz, but...even if this were a few years down the road, the Mark 42 is WAAAAAY too high a number for continuity sake.

Keep in mind that Tony appears to have built Stark tower (anyone who has ever been involved in project execution knows how long it takes to design and and execute a major construction project, let alone a skyscraper in a tight urban environment) AND also fought Whiplash and the Invasion in Avengers...all from the time that he went from the Mark 4 to the Mark 7...

Now we are suddenly seeing the Mark 42? The Avengers Ironman Mark either should have been somewhere in the teens or this one should have been MUCH lower in the sequence. OR this movie really takes place 10+ years down the road...but they certainly don't appear to have aged that much (especially Pepper) in the trailers. Sorry, but when everything is so injected into and full of reality, and then the simple logic of reality is intentionally ignored (in this case for no real reason...who cares if it's Mark 15 or Mark 42) it is a little jarring and "reality killing" when that is exactly what they are trying to shoot for.

I like the Mark 42, don't get me wrong, it's a fine looking armor...but I don't know how or why Tony would make 36+ drastically different looking but essentially identically functioning iterations of the same basic exo-armor in such a short period of time, especially since things like the HulkBuster and ThorBuster armors wouldn't even exist in this particular universal continuity...but I guess if I had unlimited resources and that awesome Modeling software suite I would do the same thing...or not...

Lowe (not verified)

Chill out, duder.

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Numbers 9-41 are all drones for the big finale. Tony controls multiple versions of his suit using Whiplash's drone tech + Extremis.

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Thanks for the spoiler warning.