Transformers deluxe class... almost 20 bucks now?

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Target around here finally reset, so we have the new Iron Man 3 toys and a bunch of other new stuff. One thing I was kinda shocked by was the price of Transformers deluxe toys (or whatever they call the size of figure that's the biggest carded ones). The Prime Beast Hunters ones were almost 19 bucks and the Fall of Cybertron stuff was almost 20 bucks. They also had the Voyager class Soundwave/Soundblaster for 22 bucks, so they're almost the same price.

I know Target has variable pricing in their stores, so I was wondering if anyone else has this kind of price hike in their area.

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Seem to remember them doing something like that temporarily last year, too. Though there has been some speculation that when Generations returns to G1 they'll be going back to larger figures which might account for the price hike. Walmart did bump their price up a little to $15.96 which is pretty high for what you get these days. Though I shouldn't be one to talk, I've been buying the Japanese FOC figures for the better paint.

Walmart also bumped the Cyberverse Commander price up to nearly $11 which is ridiculous for such small, simple figures. Even more ridiculous is that that's MORE than the Japanese price of 1,000yen/$10.65! And places like HLJ have them for 800yen/$8.52. Never thought I'd see the day when it would be cheaper to import a Transformer.


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Well, part of that is the strength of the yen (hallelujah!), but you can't neglect shipping costs... Smile

The Cyberverse leader figures are actually really good, though I'm not sure they're 11 bucks good. That new combiner that they released pictures of is pretty cool.

Well if it's not a universal price hike, that's good. This same Target hiked up the Skylanders three packs by five bucks when they were hot, so I guess it's par for the course and I'll look elsewhere for these.

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FoC eluxe & TF Prime Beast Hunters deluxe figures are holding steady @ $15.99 here. Not sure how long that will last.