New 5 Inch Marvel Universe Blastaar, Hulk, Jubilee, and Professor X @ Target; New TMNT

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Local Target finally started a decent re-pegging.
Picked up the new MU Blastaar (regular and one with the translucent forearms)
and a Hulk. Still remaining were 2 Professor X's and 2 Jubilees, and some other
past series figures. All have pretty good paint aps. 9.99 each, which is an "ouchie"
bit much.
Also saw some new TMNT figures; the sewer Croc and a Weed-like guy. Names
escape me, but nice to see some new stuff hitting locally.


Pontiac Michigan

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Anonymous (not verified)

Any new Batman or Legends seen in the area? Also which Target were these at? Thanks!