Play Arts Kai Dark Knight Batman: anyone else have QC issues? Swift??

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Joined: 2010-06-07

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival and....he shows up with a glop of flesh colored paint or some sort of scuff on his nose.

I'm dejected and sad as I paid $65 for a higher caliber and quality and am wondering if anyone else had this issue.

Been crazy the last few months, but I'll be back again regularly Buzz. (not that anyone notices or cares, but I feel obliged to say so:)

Swift: where is your review??


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Yeah, I've really dropped the ball on the PAK reviews, haven't I? I did get the DK Trilogy Batman, and like him quite a bit. I also have a scuff on his nose missing paint, but it's not TOO bad (and plus a Sakura marker fixes that easily). Bummer that yours has gloppy paint, I read somewhere else that there was an issue. Have you contacted where you got it? I'm skeptical that a retailer would be willing to replace it, but it could be worth a shot.

I plan on catching up with some review soon, but house-hunting is taking up a lot of time, and when I'm at the missus' house I have no interwebs Stare