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Joined: 2012-01-03

Been a while since we've done a fun hypothetical like this.

Let's say there's a contest and the winner get to help create the very final Club Infinite Earths line. The key word being "help" so you're trying to appease more than just yourself, otherwise my own list would just be Batman Beyond and New Gods characters (which of course I did slip in).

So a single list of 12 figures in no particular order, 1 exclusive figure, and 1 oversized figure. No alternates, no "if I could make two sets". This is to be THE last line. For my own I'm sure there were a few team building characters still needed that I didn't list, so I'm not being cruel in my exclusion. If this were real I definately would've reviewed that all better Smile

My list:
1. Superman Beyond
2. Captain Comet
3. Time Drake Robin (a proper one, finally)
4. Impulse
5. Spellbinder
6. Sun Boy
7. Manhunter (Mark Shaw)
8. Static
9. Hush
10. Emerald Empress
11. Count Vertigo
12. Infinity-Man

Oversized: Warhawk (edit) w/ tiny Micron
Exclusive: Granny Goodness w/ Hound


- CP

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Joined: 2012-01-14

1. Klarion Witch Boy
2. Silver Age Supergirl
3. Lashina
4. Mad Hariett
5. Stompa
6. The Top
7. Talia
8. Ventriloquist & Scarface
9. Mad Hatter
10. Mr. Mxyzptlk
11. Silver Age Capt Boomerang
12. Virman Vundabar

Oversize: (well not that big but fat) Uncle Marvel
Exclusive: Granny Goodness w/ Hound

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Joined: 2012-01-03

The Top? Good pull!


- CP

Joined: 2012-01-14

Like his costume (plus more Flash rogues the better) and it would a cheap paint job and new head sculpt only.

Was tempted to throw in the male Dove for this reason alone.

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Joined: 2012-01-04

1. Golden Age Red Tornado, aka Ma Hunkel!
2. Anarky
3. Stephanie Brown Robin
4. Jason Todd Red Hood (biker jacket)
5. Ragdoll
6. Scandal Savage
7. Disco Nightwing (giant popped collar)
8. Dick Grayson Batman
9. Professor Pyg
10. Prometheus
11. Guy Gardner - Warrior (leather jacket, jeans, cowboy boots)
12. Detective Chimp

Exclusive - Yellow Lantern Bizzaro
Oversized - Green Lantern Hannu


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the Dead shall walk the earth.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hmmm, here's my 12 (in no particular order)

1. Vixen
2. Ventriloquist w/ Scarface
3. Talia Al Ghul
4. Jade
5. Indigo-1
6. Human Bomb
7. The Ray
8. Prometheus
9. Shining Knight
10. Monarch
11. Liberty Belle
12. Neron

Oversized - King Shark
Exclusive - Granny Goodness

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Joined: 2012-01-03

Oversized King Shark? Why not Shining Knight with Winged Victory?

Though I am happy to have a couple people in agreement with my on Granny Smile


- CP

Anonymous (not verified)

Colossus Prime, I always figured the club can just re-use MOTU Swiftwind for Winged Victory Smile Just needs some white wings!

I coulda gone with Phobia, Shimmer, Chesire, Emerald Empress but in the end my bad girl exclusive turned out to be....Granny Love

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Joined: 2012-01-03

I would go with Captain Comet
Space Cabby ( Yes Im really going into the obscure dc history.
The Gambler
The Fiddler
Rag Doll
The Charlton Heros-Peacemaker,Capt Atom,Peter Cannon Thunderbolt & the others.
The oversized figure would be Steve Trevor & the amazon purple ray cannon.


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