What's the deal with the MU line?

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There have been no new MU figures in my area since the Puck line and now there are none on the shelves at all. None at WalMart or Target and forget TRU. There aren't even spaces for them. The new Avengers line is out but mostly it's just the crappy 5 POA figures. The Mysterio line never came around here. Are they now just doing the Avengers only and MU is done? Any update would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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Well here's the deal:
The line still has 2 more waves to go:

Wave 22
Marvel Knights (Cloak/Dagger running change/variant)
Mavel's Abominations (A-Bomb/Abomination running change/variant)
Iron Man (black Tron-looking armor)
Baron Zemo

Wave 23
Nightcrawler (X-Force costume)
Black Knight
Alpha Flight (Aurora/Northstar running change/variant)
Omega Red

I believe the Hasbro people mentioned at SDCC that Marvel Universe will continue under the new Avengers Assemble line (the figures with SHIELD gear, not the crappy ones you saw). That is, the Avengers Assemble line will not be limited to Avengers only.

I think you'd have more luck finding the Mysterio wave online than at brick & mortar retail. I've seen them up on Hasbro Toy Shop, and Amazon but haven't seen them at my local Targets or TRUs.


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I picked up the new Captain America and Rhino at separate Targets here in DE. I have not seen them at Wal-mart or TRU. Target has always come through for me with MU.

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At a walmart in Houston,today the ML's were on the bottom shelve and a bunch of various ones from the terrax wave and the one with the little guy with guns. It was a mix of various series like someone returned a few due to the cards were a bit bent up.


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I finally found something new in my area of CT.
After months of empty pegs, a couple of my Targets had new figures. Too bad it was a case revision without Misterio and Elektra but at least I found a Rhino.