Movie-based Comedian figure

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Nice Comedian figure review at MWCtoys...

His face sculpt seems to look more...cartoony than the other "Black Freighter" figures so least to me.

Finally some decent accessories, too, although I might have preferred an alternate head featuring his black leather "bondage hood" instead of the flame-thrower.

Looking forward to Ozy's release later this year, and enjoying watching the (lengthy) Ultimate version of the movie. So much good stuff was left off the theatrical release. I was disappointed at the time, but those Black Freighter comic segments would have distracted & confused the average movie-goer, of course...

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Thank you for pointing out that this is a MOVIE BASED version of The the comics,he never wore the domino mask after he got his face slashed. Why did Mattel go with this version? And I am beyond pissed about the smiley face...tried to do it myself with a sharpie and I smudged it. So now I have to repaint the yellow and try again. And all because Mattel and Warner Bros are the ONLY company that respects a bull$%!# squatters claim of a copyright on the smiley face design.


Hiyo Gosh Darn Silver!!!