So my local Wal-marts have dumped Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, GI Joe, Star Wars....for

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a fully stocked endcap of Pacman Toys? Is the person who got Walmart to stock up on Zambi behind the Pacman Toys? Honestly Walmart and Target are so out of the loop when it comes to boys toys, I am glad my boys are only becoming intereseted in construction toys and video games. My youngest son has just gotten into the New Mega Bloks Call of Duty Sets, where each minifigure is comprised of 20 parts and is more detailed than most Marvel or DC Figures. Good Luck everyone, it's going to be a sad holiday season with only TRU getting in limited cases of new product.

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This allows retailers to drive up the price by charging what you might pay online + shipping in their stores while Hasbro sells direct on line where prices are driven up by the added shipping costs. Very few retailers are carrying MU and GI Joe anymore. Walmart here in VA sells only movie promo stuff so IM3 figs hog the pegs. Collectors are screwed.