Are we going to get a 6 inch movie version of Winter Soldier from the new Capt America movie?

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I was uncertain if Hasbro said they are doing 6 inch movie figures based off the new movie. I know they are making 4 inch versions of them. After seeing the trailer, I hope they make one. If not Hasbro, maybe Diamond Select Toys will make a Winter Soldier figure. Any help is appreciated.

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I believe that there is a line planned with Winter Soldier, Capt., Hydra Soldier, an AIM Trooper (both chase figures) and a few others.

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Pre-orders just went up at BBTS today. There will be two Cap Legends waves, three figures in each wave (sort of) and you'll have to collect both waves to get all the pieces for the BAF mandroid. This is a similar set-up to the Iron Man Legends waves from this year in which you had to collect two waves to assemble Iron Monger.

Anyway, the first Cap wave is...

Agents of A.I.M. (A.I.M. soldier and Baron Zemo)
Agents of Hydra (Hydra solider and Red Skull)
Captain America (Marvel Now)
Captain America (WWII)

BBTS has WWII Cap listed separately, but I suspect he's meant to be a variant of the Marvel Now figure, despite not appearing on the cardback that surfaced for the wave earlier this year.

The whole thing is a bit weird. The "Agents of A.I.M./Hydra" thing is the sort of generic naming Hasbro has done for the swap-out figures in its Legends waves, but the listing here is for cases of eight figures, and sets of six, that include the two different soldiers, Zemo and Skull. I've ordered two sets. I hope that's what I get.

As for Wave 2, I'd imagine the movie Cap, Black Widow and Winter Soldier shown at, I believe, SDCC would be the figures included, each with the remaining mandroid pieces, which, if the Wave 1 info is correct, would be the torso and legs.



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