Things You Are Searching For - November 2013 Edition

special forces action figures

Things You Are Searching For - November 2013 Edition

November 2013 - Each day, I check the log files on the site to see what the spammers are up to, and some of the entries are the search terms people are using in our search box. Here are a few things that you have been searching for recently but perhaps are not finding... for a few of the terms, it is because we have no content about them, and for others, it is because the stuff on the older version of RTM doesn't show up in the new search box.

- Baby Alive - While we do cover a pretty wide range of toys, we don't really do much with actual baby dolls. For more about Baby Alive dolls, check out these sites:

Aliens vs Predators chess set

- Chess Set - based on the various search term combinations for this, I'm guessing that you are looking for the Aliens vs Predators chess set from SOTA Toys. That set was released in 2004 and I have no idea where you can get one now, aside from eBay. This news post from 2004 has a few pictures you can drool over.

- Gremlins, also NECA Gremlins - we did a Spotlight article on Gremlins action figures way back in 2003, and it has been getting steady traffic ever since. NECA is still making Gremlins action figures and several other categories of Gremlins merchandise. There are new Mogwai figures due out in November 2013.

- Serial Experiments: Lain - check out this 2002 Spotlight article on the Lain action doll.

- Special Forces Action Figures - these were made by Plan B Toys in the early 2000s. We did a few Spotlight articles on these figures:

  • World War II Special Forces Action Figures, in April 2004... 82nd Airborne (D-Day), 101st Airborne (D-Day), 101st Airborne (Market Garden), Waffen SS NCO (2nd Panzer Division 'Das Reich'), Waffen SS MG42 Gunner (5th Panzer Division 'Wiking'), and Panzergrenadier (3rd Panzer Division 'Totenkopf')
  • Special Forces Action Figures (series two), in August 2002... Delta Force, US Navy SEAL Night Ops, 5th Special Forces Group Medic, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Navy SEAL Team 6: Red Cell, and Mercenary Gunman
  • Special Forces Action Figures(series three), in April 2003... Marine Force Recon, Green Beret Q-Course Instructor, and Delta Force Sniper

- Year Without a Santa Claus - in late 2012, Funko released POP! Vinyl versions of the Heat Miser and Snow Miser. Back in 2002, Musicland picked up the license and had NECA and Palisades Toys make a nice range of goodies for them. We did Spotlight articles on the PVC sets and action figures from Palisades as well as the ornaments and bean bag plushes from NECA.