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Things You Are Searching For - November 2013 Edition

special forces action figures

Things You Are Searching For - November 2013 Edition

November 2013 - Each day, I check the log files on the site to see what the spammers are up to, and some of the entries are the search terms people are using in our search box. Here are a few things that you have been searching for recently but perhaps are not finding... for a few of the terms, it is because we have no content about them, and for others, it is because the stuff on the older version of RTM doesn't show up in the new search box.

- Baby Alive - While we do cover a pretty wide range of toys, we don't really do much with actual baby dolls. For more about Baby Alive dolls, check out these sites:

SOTA Toys 2012 Lineup: Chun-Li & Samael


High-End Collectible Statues Attacking Your Wallet this Summer

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Feb 14, 2011) – Leading toy manufacturer SOTA Toys, Inc. today announced their 2012 lineup showcasing the latest wave of high-end collectible art statues from critically and commercially acclaimed video game series. From world warrior martial artists to demigod demons loitering in hell, SOTA Toys has got you covered.

sota toys statue

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