So how awesome is NECA's ED-209? Pretty awesome.

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Yeah, he's kinda pricey. Yeah, he feel's kinda light. Yeah, the sound quality is kinda poor (could have been left out all together, imo). But dangit, put him next to NECA's battle-damaged Robocop on the shelf and suddenly those quibbles go away. This was another one of those toys I thought would probably never happen. Kudos to NECA for moving ahead without any retail support. If they're still available in month or two from now I may order another.

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Wow, haven't posted here in FOREVER...

I generally agree, and since I don't plan to play with this item, and since the legs are extendable it still looks fantastic on the shelf with the Figma RoboCop as well, so I can overlook the downsides...especially considering that this is only the third real toy ever made, the original was tiny and way off model and the HotToys is both HUGE and VERY EXPENSIVE.

1) Only a few complaints personally...the hip joints are ridiculously's not a problem once he is set up on a shelf, but make sure the legs are posed level and he isn't in an area with a lot of vibration because he will begin to dip over time...but still, I expected more from NECA.

2) He is well articulated, but not what I would call "fully" articulated...the extending legs are kinda pointless (outside of the aforementioned ability to "fake" his height and make him work with the Figma RoboCop figure...due to there being no ankle, foot, "knee" or any other articulation to compliment the hips and extending legs.

3) The sound effects (that I didn't care about and agree could have been left out) are both impossible to understand most of the time and random, when it would have been easy to set them to play in a specific order that made sense...

These things aside, all of which don't really matter if all you are doing is planning to set this on a shelf, it is a really great piece and I will definitely be keeping mine for many many years to come...