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When I was a kid (late 80s very early 90s), I had this big red dragon/triceratops-like robot. Its eyes lit up, it walked, its big attachable wings flapped, it made roaring noises, its head and tail moved. You could attach a tank-like thing onto its back, with had moving missiles either side of that, and it came with a "human" robot, who you could half at the waist and sit upon either the tank or the dragon. It was freaking awesome and its bothered me for years. Spent numerous hours over the years trying to find it online but no no avail! ANYBODY have any ideas?! The human robot was tall and very clunky, had a falcon-like helmet. He could walk by himself, but could be detached at the waist to fit on the tank. The tank could also move by itself, but could attach onto the dragons back. The dragon itself was a pretty big toy...probably around 15 inches in length. But yeah definitely not a worldwide brand such as star wars or transformers, nobody else had it around where I lived so i'm thinking it may have been some kinda import (I live in Scotland). ANY help would be so much appreciated

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This was posted by myself. Please help Big smile

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The first thing that came to mine is Dino Riders. Look around here:

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Nah its not Dino Riders, unfortunately. While the descripition certainly fits, the "human" rider i'm looking for is a lot larger. Thanks though