ROM?! Are you finally here?!

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So if there is going to be a Mighty Muggs Rom figure, then a "regular action figure can't be far behind.





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There was almost a Transformers Bot Shots figure (that looked nothing like him), but it was canceled. Some say Hasbro is just doing all of this to secure the rights with no real plans beyond that, but it's anyone's guess.


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I'm sure there's at least one person involved with ML and MU figures that's just waiting for word to come down that they officially have the rights to make a Rom figure.


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Guys, don't get your hopes that Hasbro will produce a ROM figure and somehow stick it in a Marvel branded toyline. From what I've heard, Yes Hasbro owns the rights to the ROM character right now. But an announcement that at SDCC will reveal that Hasbro has granted the publishing rights for ROM to IDW. This is all just a rumor, but one that would make sense. IDW also produces comics for G.I.Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony which are all Hasbro owned. Since Hasbro is only doing "Movie specific" ML lines now, he wouldn't show up there. But like I said those were rumors I'd heard.