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Even though I don't collect them I think those 200X He Man based on the Snake Men stuff look super slick. Jacking the price up, not so much.

The Star Wars Black stuff shown is making the my little, impatient inner child scream "GIMME NOW!" I have always been a sucker for Bossk.

A new Spider-Man 2099! Yes Please! And that Machine Man looks gorgeous. Lots of good looking figures from Marvel, but I think it's funny, and a little sad that they're still trying to convince us that they're going to do figure swap production runs.


- CP

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As always there is so much stuff and so much news coming at you that you need a couple days to just take everything in and process. I wasn't blown away by any single bit of news, new piccs or any announcements. I liked the look of the Gentle Giant 12" repo ARAH Joes but hated the fact that a price wan't announced (atleast none that I saw). I know I won't be buying them but they looked cool. The Mezco Dark Knight Returns Batman figures are the only thing I saw out of anything this weekend I know I will end up getting, but again I would love to have seen a price for them.