Custom airbrushed 6" Symbiote Spiderman

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Here's an update to an old favorite, a custom Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man! I started with the new 'pizza Spidey' and sculpted in the joint holes using Aves Fixit then trimmed the joints for proper clearance. The front and back spider symbols were carefully painted on freehand and I even created a 'transformation Peter Parker' alternate head showing the Symbiote crawling up his face to form the mask just like the old Medicom toy. The blue highlights were airbrushed on (even on his individual fingertips!) as was the lighter blue on his eyes and symbols using Blu-tak (poster putty) to mask off sections I didn't want sprayed. The outcome? My favorite and most detailed black costume Spider-Man custom to date!

For more pictures head to his page here---> Symbiote Spider-Man Custom

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I'm sure Hasbro will give us a nice black costume Spidey on the pizza Spidey body at some point, and I'm sure it will not come out as nice as a hand-made airbrushed piece such as this. Simple custom but really nice work. Thanks for sharing.