Characters of the "Golden Age of Comics"

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Hello to everyone,

I have a "theoretical" question for you guys...

Would you be interested in a character statue or bust of some of the characters of "The golden Age of Comics"? (assuming if they would exist and would be a very good quality like the Bowen products)

For those who don't know about these characters, there are some examples...

Your answers are more than appreciated...
Thank you! Smile

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I'm a huge fan of Golden Age heroes, especially the second, third & even fourth-stringers! Not a huge fan of statues (large or small) or busts. That might be an understatement.

I would prefer a Golden Age line based on the sort of sculpted, articulated base figures DC Universe Classics used. Although the current base figures Marvel Legends uses aren't terrible, they are not quite as well done as DC's. I'd also prefer Golden Age figures in 1:12 (6") scale.

I'd also favor (at least) 2 figures to a card.

These should be sold online.