Marvel Legends 6" scale Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa

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Straight from your childhood videogames and onto the shelf comes the original heroic ninja Ryu Hayabusa from the original Ninja Gaiden game! This custom Marvel Legends Ryu was created from a black series Obi-Wan body, resculpted Fantomex head, Scarlet Spider lower legs, Machine Man arms, and Ninja Slayer scarf/hands/accessories. He has real fabric wrappings, belts, and bandages for that premium-format feel and has a posable scarf. Ryu's range of motion is amazing and he comes with a ton of accessories like his Dragon Sword in sheath, ninja arts Windmill star, throwing knives, and grappling hook, all of which can be used on the multiple action base stands.

For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Marvel legends scale Ninja Gaiden Ryu

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Looks great man!