My DC/Marvel Collection

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Planet Hulk

Legion of Doom

DC Direct Return of Superman

Pitt and Hulk

Teen Titans

Batman Collection

New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws

Heres my latest Batman member Zero Year Batman

2 Earths

Superman Collection

Justice League International


Agent Venom

Blade/Thunderstrike/Dark Hawkeye



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I really enjoyed looking through your shelves! It's fun seeing how others group their figures. I have come to display figures together that share a scale. Makes for some odd "teams" sometimes!

Thanks for sharing.

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i am a Big too Scale Guy. Thanx For Looking.

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Added some New pics of Zero Year on his Bike.

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That's very cool, thanks for sharing.
That's one hell of a Batman you made up there. Very very cool.

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Thanx Bats is my Favorite.

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Just Updated my Xmen/FF/Thor with Forge, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Banshee. Updated My Spidey Collection with Spider Gwen and Updated my Avengers Collection with Nick Fury. My Hulkbuster is being Repainted Movie Style. Blade/Thunderstrike/Dark HawkeyeAdded the Final Piece to my Blade Custom a Shotgun. Added Mr. Fantastic to my JLI Collection but have not taken a Picture as of yet and Bought another DCUC Green Arrow for my JLI Team as well.