Need help with 80s era Weapons Identification

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Bought a bag of random weapons and accessories from 80s era action figures. Just not sure which lines they belong to. Anyone recognize any of these weapons? I think some of these are from Remco lines possibly. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

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Here's an update:

The three gold swords in the 2nd picture come from Transformers G1 characters: Predaking, Razorclaw, Tantrum

The Bronze Weapons in Picture 1 is from a Dragons Knights and Daggers weapons accessory pack.

Red Sword in the 3rd Picture belongs to Dinobot Slag from G1 Transformers.

The first in the 4th picture belongs Transformers G1 Inferno.

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Here's what I think:

The shields are Sectaurs and so is the gray sword. Probably some others just google Sectaurs pics to see.

The Glow In the Dark weapons all look to be from "The Other World"

The green and red Gatlin style guns are from another insect line called Bugmen of Insecta.

The Bronze weapons could all be from Sectaurs or another line like Centurions but the name escapes me.

Hope that helps.




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Big smile Red5 thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. You knocked down a huge roadblock for me and can't say thanks enough!