14-inch Netflix Voltron!

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OK. I like Voltron. The original cartoon from the 80s was a silly, guilty pleasure while I was in grad school (like reading the Legion of Super Heroes when I was otherwise a Marvel/Kirby man in the 60s).

I have several large, vintage Lionbots (including the new 16" one), and a big & bigger Stealth Voltron. I have the big Matchbox "vehicle" Voltron.

Recently a friend turned me on to the new Voltron cartoon on Netflix. The 14" Voltron from this line just came out and I am VERY pleased with him! This one does NOT transform into the 5 composite lions, but is in permanent Voltron mode, so his heroic body is far more streamlined than previous figures. This slightly newly designed, plastic lionbot features minor "battle damage" and light/sound features. His blazing sword fit perfectly and securely in his right hand, and he fires a spring-loaded, "laser" missle from his left hand. He sports far larger and more articulated wings.

Mechanically, he stands pretty well unassisted with rachetting joints. His range of posability is impressive!

There is another new Netflix design coming out, composed of 5 lions (black lion sold separately) that forms a 16" robot, but I prefer my 14" one. YMMV.

P.S. I'm seriously considering this upcoming diecast version.

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BTW, I did get that new diecast Voltron. VERY cool. Very hefty & posable. Most of all, the bots fit together very tightly.

It also comes with tons of accessories, and even a storage stand for all these various "lion weapons."

One caveat. The number decals that go on each lion don't stick particularly well on the yellow lion's metal canon. Also, the "instructions" (not in English) indicate how these numbers "should be" applied to each lion, such that when the lionbots form Voltron, the numbers are upside down! You may want to change up this arrangement.

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cool, thanks for the info. I have great Voltron memories as well!


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