Interesting 6-7" monster action figure KickStarter

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Dude created these reptilian humanoids for a short film that he wants to expand into a feature. He previously did a successful KickStarter for a 4" figure. Now he's going with 6 inch scale, around 7 inches tall depending on how you pose the figures.

I think they look cool, but articulation's going to be an issue for some people. First, there's just less of it than a lot of people have become accustomed to. Second, the shoulders and hips are articulated like a Mego figure rather than the sort of ball-joints we tend to see nowadays and that's bound to throw some people off. Personally, I think it's neat that he's making his own path and trying something different. Also, I like that I won't have a reason to worry about an arm breaking right off because the shoulder's peg snapped as I've had happen a few times recently.

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Joined: 2012-01-03


The creator has posted a video demonstrating the articulation using a resin prototype. He also indicates that if funding is successful he'll be adding wrist articulation and a removable loincloth that will conceal the hip articulation without impeding it.

Articulation Video from Sandy Collora on Vimeo.