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Hi All,

I love Star Wars, the history of Kenner and other Kenner toys from the 1970s and 1980s. I recently started a new blog

The pictures used in the blog were all taken by me from toys in my personal collection.

I have collected Star wars toys for over 20 years and created the blog simply because I am so interested in Kenner and Star Wars toys.

Be interested to hear any comments. I have made a start and posted 5 posts on it in the last couple of weeks.

Happy new year


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Very sadly, this site is more or less a ghost town these days. It's hard to remember, much less to imagine, but this used to be perhaps the definitive website to discuss action figures. Now I hang at Toyark...

I was never a fan of Star Wars...the movie, or the "action" figures associated with the franchise. However, I cut my teeth on Kenner Super Power figures, which I still display as the pioneers of my, obsession.

I like your new blog.

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I published a post on my blog about Tron toys this week

It's not finished, so will be adding more Tron merchandise to it