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so, i got an xbox for christmas. which means i'm playing all the games i've heard about all these years, but never could play.

which also means i'm now a lot more interested in the toys of these properties.

anyone know if the single-carded master chief anniversary figure is one of the figures in the master chief evolution box set?

i don't need many halo characters (famous last words), but i'm wondering if i'd be better off getting the box set for some cool versions of MC, or if i should just get the single, in anticipation of eventually getting the other REACH figures.


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Brian aka ClanKiller (not verified)


That boxed set includes the current McVersions of the Master Chief, including the new Aniversary single.

They are really cool figures if you are just getting into them. I might also recommend looking up the Spawn repaint Evo Trooper from SDCC 3 years ago. It's an Evo Troop (big bubble helmet) painted to match Spawn colors with the eyes and such.