Yup. Matty screwed up my new address.

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And I knew this would happen *sighs*

I ordered a Voltron and DC sub last year. I moved in mid-January. I went to their site, updated my address, and went about my merry way.

Tonight, I get a shipping confirmation on my Red Lion... who's on his way to my old address.

Anyone have to deal with this situation before? I DID file a mail-forwarding with the USPS before I moved. Will the USPS forward packages of that size? Will Mattel do ANYTHING to fix their mistake?


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They will forward, I had boxes forwarded by them when I moved last year.

Do you have a confirmation email or screen shot from Matty for the address change? If is I'd give them a call and let them know this is DR's goof and they need to correct it stat! They should be sending out a replacement to the proper addy stat!



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With all the crap Im going through with Matty, I got a response from one of my emails todsy asking if the info was correct with some random address. So I now know where the second sub charge came from, im being charged for someone elses subscription! Im thinking legal matters might be in the near future.


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