Did the Marvel Universe forget some figures at Toy Fair?

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I am not sure if anyone remembers last year (I think it was after a Comic Con Covention) when there were some drawings and unpainted prototypes of the Marvel Universe. I remember Jubilee, Medusus *Inhumans", Karnak (Inhumans), Blastar, Professor X (removable from the wheelchair), and a Comic book bearded Thor (I think a Frog Thor too).
So I am wondering if these figures will be a part of some sets or just lost in the prototype stage.

Hoping that these figures will be made....someday in 3 and 3/4 scale.

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They were all in Hasbro's slideshow presentation but of coarse no pics were allowed. You will probably see them durning SDCC since its more collector drivin than the toy fair which is geered more towards investors and what not.


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

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So, can we expect bad paint ops and poor distribution along with lanky articulation and an overpriced price point? I'm all but done with this crappy line. Gimme minimates any time over this!