Some custom Re-painted TMNT Toys

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Spent some time these past weekends, painting up my favorite old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys. These molds are surprisingly extremely detailed. (more so than I remember as a child) They were all just painted crazy neon colors Smile

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Todd4LOM (not verified)

Wow, those look really nice! I loved these figures as a kid, and the colorful paint jobs were a big draw for me back then. My go-to set of Turtles were the storage shell turtles with the belts that were the same color as their masks. One this that really bothered me as a kid was all the sculpted detail that went unpainted on the figures and their weapons/ companions. I'd love to see someone go back and paint all the details.

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Great work, I love it when people repaint these, they look amazing with the details painted in. Triceraton seems to be a really popular one to do and he's hard to make look bad in just about any colors. I like the way Slash turned out, though I prefer him a bit more blue-green.


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