Drastic Plastic Hard Corps

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Joined: 2012-03-15

I ran across an item on Ebay called "Hard Corps" buy a company called Drastic Plastic. I did some research on this toy line and there seems to be very little information out there on it. My searches eventualy lead me to this forum. I've been collecting toys for about 7-8 years so it's a little before my time. It sounds like it was released in 1993 (despite the auction saying 1994). Do any of you guys know anything about this line? They're actually pretty cool designs.

Here's the link.

hard corps?

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Joined: 2012-01-03

Wow, haven't heard about those for awhile. I'll have to dig out my old issues of Tomart's Action Figure Digest. They used to advertise the figures, and figure sets there all the time, and I believe these were sold in a made-to-order fashion that relied on getting X number of pre-sales before they went into production. As a result I remember there being release dates being pushed on a few occasions, but they were very upfront about the issues (in press releases, I guess) to the toy mags.

These stick in my mind because it all took place prior to the internet/internet commerce became an acceptable business model, and all the communication and sales were taking place through the toy magazines.

I know they had planned several figures but only a few were released. I'll see what I can find after work.

Mr. Tibbs


Mr. Tibbs

Pontiac, Michigan (not verified)

I actually have a boxed set of these, along with alot of paperwork (ads, and "complaints" over a long time)
trying to find out when and where these were comming out........) No internet at theat time, so most was done
via snail mail and telephone calls. I finally tracked down "my set" as they advised they had "lost" my mailing
address and were waiting for contact info, and they finally arrived months past original target date(Drunk!
THey have been in the original mailing box, and display box since receipt ages ago. As I remember, they
eventually came out in a resin format, and not really plastic. Seemed, then, to be rather fragile, with the
joints not being very good.
Does bring back some early action figure history and frustration memories. I'll have to dig them out and
see what number the series was. Be interesting to see what they finally go for.......

Joined: 2012-03-15

I love collecting obscure stuff, so I may try and win these. I'd love to find out the production numbers. I've scoured the internet and am yet to find a set with serial number over 170. That tells me that a max of 200 of these existed but by the sounds of the things, o=not many people even got their sets.

Hmmm....not what kind of price would actually be worth paying for these? I'm not sure if they're worth $20 or a grand?!?

And Mr. Tibbs, I'd love to find out what information you dig up...

Anonymous (not verified)

I sold my set on eBay back in the late 90s for about $100.

Pontiac, Michigan (not verified)

Okay, took a while but I dug out my old set (#43). They are plastic, so I take back my resin memory.
I received mine Dec 1995 according to the UPS label on the original mailer box. Pre-ordered almost
2 years earlier. According to the included "flyers" and letter of apology, the first nine were the
Mission Equinox set. The box contained a 1/4 inch thick Manual, with details of the first nine, plans
for more, including vehicles. Do not recall Drastic going any further down those roads at all.
In a letter, David Scott Reeves apologized for delays, listed his trials and tribulations, and future plans.
The letter advised that 109 people placed (purchase) pre-orders, and 19 people were "lost contacts".
He outlines plans to complete the first run of 200, and plans to produce another 800 sets, promising
to add more production if they were overwhelmed with more orders than that.
Little inserts with the letter and manual advertised the limited edition full sheet, uncut cards back, and
a set of cut-out backs for seperates orders. There also was a note on special run of 2 (original) and
2 new figures, with better articulation and more poseable. Another little insert advise that the bubbles
could be removed with lighter fluid without damage to the cards (unless you used too much fluid!!)
Also noted to take care with initial posing of the joints, which could stick or break upon too much
movement. Also noting not to drop your figure(Drunk on hard surfaces, as they would break.
8 of my 9 carded figures still have intact bubbles, and 1 has become seperated.
Ah, the nostalgia.........................

Joined: 2012-03-15

That's really interesting. Thanks!

Now I know these aren't some knock-off thing. I guess we'll see how much these end up going for...

David Scott Reeves (not verified)

was just getting out some of this, did a search, and found these posts. yes, they are a resin, and at the time, first resin to be cast in color.

About 20 sets of the 2nd series were made, and they were allot more refined, etc.

Better sculpts, parts, etc.


David Reeves creator of these things and owner of drastic plastic. yeah!

Joined: 2012-01-04

They were indeed resin rather than injection molded, and the sculpts suffered greatly from that. I remember being extremely disappointed when they finally came, and still feel I wasted my money. It really looks like a set of custom figures someone whipped up in a hurry.

I'm into a lot of the esoteric stuff, as well, but even I would pass on these knowing how they turned out.

Kate Bagy (not verified)

My husband worked for Drastic Plastic and has some original prototype toys from them. We are considering selling them, if the price is right. I can email pics if anyone is interested.

Anonymous (not verified)

I dunno, but I have a limited edition boxed set (#4 of 5) of some of these figures I would like to sell. The figures included in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING are: Major Striker, Sgt. Ross, Corporal Oki, and CHRIS. If anyone is interested, send an email to [email protected]. Pictures are available upon request.

Jin Saotome's picture
Joined: 2012-05-28

Oh man, the memories! I preordered these guys too when I worked at a comic shop. They were very fragile but at the time the first 'garage kit custom figures' ever. I was psyched about the whole thing and they helped inspire me to do what I'm doing today. I still wanted the mech and three-toed red/blue lizard alien the most...

SJDrek (not verified)

I hate to post on a thread that hasn't been updated in 2 years, but I just now found this while looking for information on the Hard Corps figures. When I was young, I saw these figures at the ToyMan Show. I first bought the Killjoy figure, and later the limited edition boxed set from a very kind guy marketing them.
I unfortunately was young, and despite the warning that they were prototypes, I played with them until the vast majority fell apart. I still have a couple of the figures, though the majority of them are in pieces from being played with. They were amazing to me at the time, and I'd love to get my hands on some again, depending on the pricing, but as they were such a limited run, I don't know if there are that many left.
I also got a book with the figures, what Pontiac, Michigan describes as a Manual I believe, but was called the "Hard Corps Bible" if I remember correctly. I would love to have a copy of that book. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one, please let me know.
To Kate Bagy and David Scott Reeves, (And anyone else interested, assuming anyone is still reading this thread) if you still have any of the figures available, or the book, please contact me at: sjdrek AT hotmail DOT com
And thank you, David Scott Reeves, for making these figures and for making my childhood brighter.

David Scott Reeves (not verified)

I have a few sets of the 2nd Series, that were made much better. Included all the new Aliens. I think I have 2 sealed sets of the original 9.

Bill Grant (not verified)

Hi was your husband one of the guys from drastic plastik i heard he may have worked on the line

U can email me at [email protected]