New 6" Marvel Legends Avengers - Awesome!

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Have you guys seen the new 6" Marvel Legends Avengers Movie figures? They are awesome!

Are we allowed to post links to Marvellous News? Someone there posted in-hand photos of the new line-up and finally, Avengers toys I'm excited about! Hawkeye in particular looks like an articulated Jeremy Renner. Loki looks a bit tired, and is that helmet removable? And Thor's got hair instead of a helmet. I liked the one I have from last year but now I'm tempted by this one.

Cap and Hulk look like every other Cap and Hulk on the market. But, the big question, where is Black Widow? This movie stars SIX Avengers - SIX. Why did they make five? I am SO SICK of the sexism of toy companies! I don't want to wait to wave two (IF there is one), I want the whole team when I finish the film! Isn't that what MOST people want to do?

I know when I was a kid and I couldn't find all six Power Rangers I hated playing with just the four I could find. HATED it. Are kids any different today (y'know, the kids that do play with toys).

Anyone know when these are due to hit Walmart?

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I'm more excited about the Hulk more than anything. I'm hoping we see a Black Widow & Alien in wave 2.

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I don't like the look of the movie version of Cap, Thor & Hulk are of no interest to me and I have way too many IM figures as it is.

The only one that interests me is Hawkeye and he looks awesome.