Street Grapes

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Street Grapes 5" Mini Qee - Grapes Bear

qee bear

Street Grapes 5 Inch Mini Qee Bear from Toy2R

May 2012 - Toy2R - Street Grapes is an up and coming street artist and illustrator who is passionate about many forms of art. He combines hand drawn and graphic art together to make sophisticated and distinctive designs. Street Grapes was born and raised in Russia, and now has been living in the USA for 6 years. His art can now be seen in many parts of the US, from NYC to LA; as well as in other parts of the world. Street Grapes is influenced by many art forms; ranging from classical Russian art and Medieval illustrations, to old-school graffiti. He enjoys the art of many people from all over the world, contemporary and classical.

To make it short: The Grapes Bear is a funny little character whom loves to travel around the world. Maybe you'll see him around next time you're in the streets.

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