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Toy2R USA Store Final Farewell Sale

Toy2R USA Store Final Farewell Sale

April 2013 - Toy2R-USA's QeeWorld Store and website is closing down April 30th.

After 4 years of providing a venue for everything Toy2R, wandering event halls, putting on custom shows around the continent and working with some of the best artists in the toy world, QeeWorld - the last remaining foothold of Toy2R-USA - is shutting down. The farewell post went up on the site yesterday.

The warehouse is getting the once over and everything found is being cleared out. Aside from the Specials and Warehouse Finds section that recently went live, everything in the store is being massively discounted. The current coupon code is FAREWELL for 50% off everything, but keep a lookout on the site for other specials. Swing in and bid a fond farewell.

Hellboy Mini-Qee Vinyl Toys

Hellboy Mini-Qee Vinyl Toys


MILWAUKIE, OR - February 2013 - At this year's International Toy Fair, Dark Horse revealed what is sure to be one of the year's most-talked-about toy releases! Hong Kong's innovative designer-toy company Toy2R will produce a new range of 5" vinyl figures in their popular "Mini-Qee" format, putting their unique design spin on Mike Mignola's popular Hellboy character.

Mike Mignola's Hellboy has emerged as one of the classic comic book characters of the modern day, spawning a successful series of graphic novels, motion pictures, animation, interactive games, and toy lines. Excitement around this character is at an all-time high, as Mignola takes him back to whence he came in the smash-hit series Hellboy in Hell, currently in its third issue.

Tobacco Pete 5 inch Mini Qee by Pocket Wookie

Tobacco Pete 5 inch Mini Qee by Pocket Wookie

June 2012 - Toy2R - In 1867, the Marquess of Queensberry rules of boxing were drafted by John Chambers, forever changing the sport. One fighter who refused to change with those rules was a south paw fighter known as Tobacco Pete. A scruffy and rough man, whose eventual claim to fame would come from his challenge to fight any man, any beast, any time! Truly a man to reckon with considering he was hailed as the King of the Ring!

Artist and customizer Pocket Wookie steps into the ring with this new Artist Mini Qee design. Using the Mini Qee Mon platform, Tobacco Pete is ready to go the distance.

Get ready to cheer for a champion when this Mini Qee punches his way out in August with an SRP of $28.00.

See why its good to let the Wookie win:

Yakuza Series of 5" Mini Qee Bunees by Fakir

Yakuza Series of Mini Qee Bunees by Fakir

June 2012 - Announcing the latest addition to the 5" Mini Qee Artist Line - The Yakuza Series by Fakir.

Toy2R USA makes every effort to scour the globe to find new artists and fresh designs to work with and when we found a set of original custom Mini Qees by French artist, Fakir, it was a no-brainer that they should be made into production pieces. Originally the artist created a similar design using the 9 inch Bunee Qee, but creating a collection using the Mini Qee platform seemed the best way to explore the variations of Fakir's Yakuza theme.

Scheduled to be released in August with an SRP of $28.00 each, expect to see a few different versions as the Yakuza take over the world.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Young Parisian artist, Fakir became known designer toy lovers with its customs figurines perfectly executed. He is also behind the Rabbit Qbiq he himself has self-produced.

Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo 'Spirit Clan' Edition Mini Qee

Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo 'Spirit Clan' Edition Mini Qee

Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo 'Spirit Clan' Edition Mini Qee

The summer grasses
Of brave soldiers' dreams
The aftermath.

June 2012 - Destiny is bringing the warrior clans together. The original Dark Mist Clan has shown itself and while we await the Fire Clan, the Royal Clan, the Bamboo Clan and the Mountain Clan to make their presence known, the mysterious Spirit Clan make their first appearance bringing honor as well as death. What does fate have in store for these mighty warriors?

Toy2R is pleased to announce the arrival of Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 inch Pandaimyo 'Spirit Clan' edition Mini Qee. Revealing themselves in August gathering strength from the fall season, this limited edition variant will have an SRP of $28.00.

Destiny will lead them all...

Scott Tolleson's Mr. Pinkerton 5 Inch Mini Qee

Scott Tolleson's Mr. Pinkerton 5 Inch Mini Qee

Scott Tolleson's Mr. Pinkerton 5 Inch Mini Qee from Toy2R

June 2012 - Preston T. Pinkerton, or just Mr. Pinkerton to his close friends, is the most intelligent and lovable hare in all the forest. He enjoys wearing his lucky pair of magic spectacles while skipping about on his many adventures. Wind him up and watch him hop and your joy for Mr. Pinkerton will never stop.

Toy2R introduces the latest Mini Qee figure from Scott Tolleson - Ladies and Gents, may we present Mr. Pinkerton. Dropping in late July with an SRP of $28.00, Mr. Pinkerton is available for wholesale orders now and looks forward to your company.

Toy2R USA's Online Qee Gallery Grows To Over 2000 Customs

custom Qee figures

June 6, 2012 - Toy2R USA is thrilled to announce that the online Qee Gallery has jumped past the 2000 piece mark this month and sends out a very sincere thanks to all of the artists who have supported the Qee platform for the past 10 years and who have contributed to the gallery with custom submissions. As Toy2R celebrates Qee's 10 Anniversary, it is with great pride to have a showcase such as this featuring customs from some of the biggest names in design, fashion, illustration and street art from across the globe, as well as new creations by first time artists. The online Qee Gallery is the largest archive of one-of-a-kind customs using the Qee platform in the world and it continues to grow daily and can be found only at

Thanks to everyone who continually make this possible as we look forward to the future of Qee and see how creativity will take its next step in the ever evolving Qeevolution.

Popil's GIRLS 5 Inch Mini Qee

Popil's GIRLS 5 Inch Mini Qee

June 5, 2012 - Toy2R rings in summertime with this sexy new 5 Inch Mini Qee Bear from artist Popil Art ( entitled "GIRLS."

Working as an illustrator for various magazines the artist is now experiencing true artist fame with art exhibitions and now a designer art toy.

Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 Inch Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition Release

Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 Inch Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition Release

May 31, 2012 - As the tide rolls in, it brings a warning from the sea... the Captain is not gone, but waiting. Deep in the water the peg-legged pirate waits to set sail once again on the Whispering Corsair along with his crew of undead shipmates. Reel in this limited edition ghostly "Deep Blue Sea" variant when Toy2R releases him next month. Limited to only 200 pieces, this edition will wave in the arrival of more mysterious JPK creations to come... so don't miss out on this limited release.

Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 Inch Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition Release

Street Grapes 5" Mini Qee - Grapes Bear

qee bear

Street Grapes 5 Inch Mini Qee Bear from Toy2R

May 2012 - Toy2R - Street Grapes is an up and coming street artist and illustrator who is passionate about many forms of art. He combines hand drawn and graphic art together to make sophisticated and distinctive designs. Street Grapes was born and raised in Russia, and now has been living in the USA for 6 years. His art can now be seen in many parts of the US, from NYC to LA; as well as in other parts of the world. Street Grapes is influenced by many art forms; ranging from classical Russian art and Medieval illustrations, to old-school graffiti. He enjoys the art of many people from all over the world, contemporary and classical.

To make it short: The Grapes Bear is a funny little character whom loves to travel around the world. Maybe you'll see him around next time you're in the streets.

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