My Pet Monster

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Saban to Develop My Pet Monsters Game

Saban Brands to Develop My Pet Monsters Game

Digital offering provides a fresh take on popular property from the early 90s

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2012 -- Saban Brands will be giving people everywhere a taste of what it would be like to have a pet monster. The company is currently producing an app that incorporates the My Pet Monster property and characters.

The app, scheduled to launch later this year, will completely refresh the property. My Pet Monsters will include 3-D graphics and a social experience that lets users create, nurture, and share their monsters with friends.

"We continue to look at new and innovative ways to grow our audience through online and digital channels," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. "My Pet Monsters will be an engaging way to interact with your very own pet monsters on your mobile device."

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