Cloaked Predator and lightning Gremlin found at TRU

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Saw the 'exclusive' cloaked classic pred and wafer thin lightning gremlin at the buckhead tru in Atlanta yesterday. $11.99 for the gremlin, which looks to be about $6 too much.

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The Gremlins got to be the weirdest "action figure" I've seen in a long time. Looks more like a piece of a playset.

Also saw the GITD Robocop figure at a TRU with the 2 figures you mentioned.

A different TRU also had the Expendables Minimates 4-pack and poop-encrusted, I mean Battle-Damaged Robocop. For some reason, some TRUs seem to be skipping those 2 items, especially the Expendables, which haven't come in still 2 weeks after other stores had them.

Some TRUs also seem to be doing an across-the-board price hike, and some of these items are $17.49 there where other stores have them for $14.99.